Right now, 22% of Ugandans have access to electricity. However, a solar energy microgrid presents a sustainable, long-term solution that would free up resources for areas that do not have access to power all day. RREAL is working on a project at an orphanage for children affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 5% of people in Uganda live with HIV/AIDS. 

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Skip the Grid is partnering with African Children Today (ACT) on its project in Uganda. ACT is a nonprofit located in Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to helping orphaned children in the Rakai district of Uganda affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In 1982, the world’s first diagnosed case of HIV/AIDS was in the District of Rakai, and since then, the disease continues to ravage the area. This has left thousands of orphans without access to education, so ACT opened a primary school for 500 children in early 2018 and expects attendance to be closer to 1500 by 2020.


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