Finished in March 2017!

Phebe Hospital was founded by the Lutheran church in 1921, in partnership with the Methodist and Episcopalian churches. Phebe serves a population of approximately 450,000 people; it is the foremost hospital in Bong County.


Phebe Hospital used to be powered solely by diesel generators, consuming in excess of 90,000 gallons of fuel annually at $4.50 a gallon. During the rainy season, the road to the hospital often washed out, making delivery of fuel impossible. Phebe often shut down its power system for periods of time to conserve fuel. Vaccines were jeopardized and operations became more risky with intermittent or no power.


As the site of the first Ebola diagnosis in Liberia and located in an area that is a top USAID development target, Phebe was an ideal starting point for the Skip the Grid movement. Without consistent and reliable power, Phebe faced an uphill battle in preventing another Ebola outbreak, as well as managing the very real health challenges faced by the Liberian people.

In March, 2017, a crew of five from RREAL and many people from Liberia installed the first Skip the Grid project at Phebe Hospital. Thank you to the countless people and organizations that helped make this project a reality!

View photos from the Phebe installation here. Learn more about the next Skip the Grid effort, Current for Curran.

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