Liberia is a country in West Africa and has about 5 million people. Only 10% of urban Liberians have access to electricity and only about 3% of people in rural areas have access to electricity. Skip the Grid started in the dark at rural Phebe Hospital in Liberia.

Most hospitals and clinics in Liberia rely exclusively on diesel generators, which is carbon intensive and costly to deliver. Hospitals often must shut down their power systems for extended periods of time during the day to conserve fuel. Vaccines can be jeopardized, medical equipment is not sufficiently powered, fewer people are served, and operations are unstable with intermittent or no power.  

We can change that with solar microgrids.

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Curran Hospital is a Lutheran hospital located in Lofa County, Zorzor, Liberia, about 200 miles from capital city, Monrovia. The hospital has 125 beds, outpatient services, a school of nursing, and supervision for 23 community health centers and clinics

Lutheran women have been supporting Curran Hospital for over 100 years. Reliable energy supply is necessary for quality health care delivery. In Liberia, where less than 1% of the population has access to the electricity grid, generating needed power at rural hospitals literally is a life-or-death scenario.

Solar presents and opportunity for a more reliable energy supply – more reliable for the hospital and the many people it serves. This Skip the Grid installation will provide clean, renewable energy to the hospital, so it can continue to care for more Liberians.


First Solar has generously donated all of the panels needed for this installation, but more contributions are needed to make this project happen.

You can be part of the hundreds of people helping make this impactful project a reality by:

  • Sharing information about this project to  your community, church or with friends  

  • Follow Skip the Grid on Facebook                                                                                               

  • Contribute to the project online or send your gift by check to the ELCA through the Northeastern Minnesota Synod Office.


Please make checks payable to: “NE MN Synod, ELCA”

with “Current for Curran” in memo and mail them to:

Northeastern Minnesota Synod
1105 East Superior Street
Duluth, MN  55802

Bishop Jensen


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