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Skip the Grid is part of the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance - RREAL's Solar Assistance program. RREAL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making solar energy accessible to everyone. Founded in 2000, RREAL has designed, installed, and managed hundreds of solar installations.

Skip the Grid is an initiative focused on bringing solar power to health care systems and community organizations in West Africa. Many hospitals around the world are off the grid, relying on generators where fuel is difficult and costly to deliver. Hospitals often must shut down their power system for periods of time to conserve fuel. Vaccines are jeopardized and operations become more risky with intermittent or no power.


Without consistent and reliable power, rural communities face an uphill battle in managing very real health challenges. PV microgrids represent a sustainable, long-term solution that would free up capital for direct health care initiatives, as well as mitigate numerous untold environmental, social, and health costs.

About US:

Theory of Change

Skip the Grid, RREAL’ s international Solar Assistance program, provides a groundbreaking mechanism to bring solar power to vulnerable Sub-Saharan African communities. This program creates a lasting impact by securing rural off grid electrification in critical health care facilities. Globally, RREAL's Skip the Grid initiative focuses on providing solar micro-grid installations and workforce development for the West African healthcare sector.

RREAL is creating a world with clean energy for all. Solar micro-grids democratize rural energy, enable sustainable economic development, provide technical workforce training, and protect the environment.

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